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My first fandom love was the crossover story. Wait. I take that back. My real first fandom love was the intricate Mary Sue I plotted starring myself (natch) as Luke and Leia's younger sister who grew up to run an orphanage for all the Rebellion orphans. I used to put on my oatmeal colored waffle weave robe because it looked like something a lost Jedi sister would wear while enacting elaborate storylines in my basement. I was an only child, what can I say?

Anyway, once I discovered online fandom in the late 1990's, my next fandom love was X-Files fanfiction. Specifically, crossover fanfiction. Given my earlier Star Wars re-enactments, it should come as no surprise that my first, favorite crossover was one between the X-Files and Star Wars. This massive behemouth of a fic, and I do mean massive - it clocked in at over 1.19 MB, still holds a special place in my heart. I have a set of floppy disks that hold the story, even though the computer with the disk drive no longer works. I've also got it downloaded to my computer, and one day plan to convert it so I can read it as .mobi file on my ereader.

Fast forward many, many years later, and I still enjoy the hell out of a good crossover. With that in mind, added with a certain nostalgia kick I've been on lately, I wrote a snippet of a scene this last weekend involving two of my favorite characters, Wednesday Addams and Percy Weasley. In my humble opinion, there is simply not enough Percy fic in this world and who better to match wits with him than Dr. Wednesday Addams?

Le Raisor Nation featuring a dead body, a doctor, and Percy.

And if you're wondering, XJedi is still up at Gossamer.
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