Aug. 21st, 2016

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For some reason this week while the day job dragged on and on and on, time spent not at work flew by. Isn't that always the way of it?

I did a lot of reading this week, mainly in short bursts, earmarked several more items to read because my TBR pile wasn't already precariously tottering even in digital format, and really felt a renewed sense of love of reading that both intrigued and infused me with happiness.

I fall in and out with reading where sometimes I read more and sometimes less, but this week was the first time in a long time that I wished I could clone myself and spend 40 hours reading while other me spent 40 hours working. If you could clone yourself, what would you do with your two halves?

As for where this renewed sense of reading love is coming from, I'm tracing it to some highly enjoyable Tinyletter subscriptions. You see, past me, in her infinite wisdom signed up for some Tinyletters. I'm not really sure when or how I found them, only that it happened in that vague and wonderful way one finds lots of enjoyable things on the internet, click holes. One of these is written by Haylin Belay who has the most gorgeous sense of description. Her entire letter is filled with a sense of reassurance, calmness, and most gorgeous centering of self that you could ever wish to emanate.

Ruth Franklin wrote about correspondence between Shirley Jackson and a fan that turned into a yearlong letter writing relationship between two women with similar interests. Her detail of finding copies of the letters thought lost to time made me long for more stories of the connections between women that history often ignores and has forgotten.

Speaking of connections between women, Carrie Frye shared a gem of a story about Toni Morrison and Gloria Naylor visiting and the discussion of Morrison's Beloved. The very idea that Morrison said, "I don't know, I'm just gonna write and see what happens to it" about Beloved is absolutely believable and awe inspiring at the same time. After reading this, I felt two things. One, a renewed sense in my own struggles to write, and two, interest in Naylor's writing which wasn't anything I've read before. And so, Mama Day was added to my TBR list.

I read a fic this week that made me smile the entire time. I don't read much MCU fic, but when I do it's almost always Darcy-centered. I've seen some arguments that she gets turned into a Mary Sue or self-insert, and I can understand why some people aren't enamored of that. However, I love the examination of "normal character forced into extraordinary circumstances" and how they cope. If it's a little Mary Sue-ish, I really don't care as long as I find it entertaining. So when I was clicking through the bookmarks of an author I was interested in reading a story from and saw that they had bookmarked the best life is but intoxication about Steve and Darcy being BFFs, I couldn't click fast enough. It's a short and charming story that I recommend you take a look at if you like friendships, misunderstandings, mild jealousy but all treated in a light-hearted way.

Here's hoping we all read something this week that challenges us, delights us, and makes us feel less alone in the world.


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